Sunday, September 30, 2012

At Home With Leah

I've never really taken any pictures of Leah in her room just doing her everyday stuff—partly due to my fear of taking pictures indoors which I'm starting to get over. When I heard Leah happy in her crib after her nap I headed in with my camera and caught her in action—bedhead and all.

All of these pictures were taken with my Nikon D90, 50 mm, f-2.5.

This crib is on round four and still beautiful, but the black and white is a little easier on the eyes.

I love that she has a real life double chin these days!

The green nursery walls are the same that we chose when we built this house while we were waiting on Seth's adoption but now it looks like a little girl's room.  I have rocked all four of my babies in that very green chair!  I need to take a picture of the white wall behind the crib to demonstrate Jer's handiwork.  I literally found a picture in a Pottery Barn catalog of a nursery wall like two days before we painted and asked him to replicate it—and he did!  The Leah chair used to say "Luke," and we got it re embroidered.  I do have a few pictures on the walls and one of these days I'm going to get around to framing and hanging the prints I bought in China.  The best part is that Leah loves her room.  She feels comfortable here.  She loves sleeping in her bed (now a port-a-crib on a vacation is a different story) and every morning she wants her blanket to come out with her to give me some snuggles.  After that she's on the go every second, so I have to take advantage of the moment.

Bumping up the ISO a bit (something I hadn't even touched until recently), changing the white balance, and fiddling with the black and white were all baby steps on this photography journey.  I am learning something new everyday.  Check out the beautiful work of some much more experienced ladies here..

Ni Hao Yall


  1. She is adorable! Great shots.

    Gin =)

  2. So cute ! We love a green nursery too. And the sweet moon baby book. The room looks like a PBK add. Love it . It's so nice when our little girls are at home and comfy in their rooms. It's a peaceful feeling:)